Business Plan

OK so let's begin. Where are we going? What we are going to do today is create Change Your World's business plan. This business plan is the operational blueprint for the company. It outlines the core functionality of the financial operations of the company. With this blueprint in mind, we can move forward!!! The blueprint is very simple, but very important. The obvious goal of Change Your World's fiscal operations is to obtain funds (for what purpose? We won't define that here. That is defined in our mission plan). Wow, pretty simple. So how do we do that – well here is our business plan. We create fruitful partnership opportunities for interested advertising partners. Wow. Still very simple.

How do we create these opportunities? At it's heart, the financial viability of CYW has everything to do with its assets. We sell those assets. Let's look at what CYW currently has:

  • CYW has a mandate to help individuals impacted by human trafficking
  • CYW has a good reputation in its past operations (no legal issues, no negative press)
  • CYW has connections and a track record in anti-human trafficking efforts (reliability)
This is good, but not enough. The grounding of CYW's appeal is its reputation. Any prospective advertising partner can observe CYW's positive track record. This is extremely important. No company, that is looking to create advertising partnerships, would associate with an organization that could be a liability to its brand.

Does CYW have any assets not mentioned here? (00)

So that is what CYW has. What CYW does NOT have is a quantifiable advertising opportunity. At this stage, there is no way for a company to sponsor CYW. If they were to sponsor CYW today, they would get nothing or they would be unable to determine what they would recieve. When entering a partnership agreement with CYW, a partner should expect that they are joining together with a company that will not present a liability to their brand. They are also partnering with an organization that increases the profile and social consciousness of their brand by association. But, most importantly, CYW can publicize that partnership on behalf of the partner (this is what we are selling). In this manner, the partner gets brand association and advertising under the same agreement.

We know that we will have the ability to reach millions during our press events. This press is direct advertising for our partner. So while reputation and brand association are the foundation of CYW's financial offering, advertising for the partner is our primary asset (which we need to develop). So the back story of CYW is its actions, reputation and services in anti-human trafficking. The core narrative for an advertising partner is our reach. We have the ability to reach millions of Malaysians in an organic, brand positive fashion that traditional advertising outlets can not offer. We allow the brand partner to become a part of the story, not an ad on the side. Finally, our ability to incorporate the partner into the story has a greater potential to engage our partner's customers than traditional advertising.

So what now? We need to let potential partners know exactly what they will receive for their dollars. When they purchase an ad from Star Media, they know how many times it will run, the size of the ad and the audience it will reach. These are exactly the metrics we need to determine. This is what I will be doing for the rest of the week.

Our advertising real estate at this stage is as follows:

  • Our Logo (in logo or as subscript)
  • Splash Screen (under logo)
  • About Page (along with primary partners - Tenaganita)
  • Naming Rights (MAT by Body Shop – as an example)
Now, let me make it VERY clear. We are NOT selling these spaces. When we approach a partner, we are not asking them to occupy these spaces. Occupying these spaces means almost nothing. What we are selling them is the opportunity for their brand to be SEEN occupying these spaces. Let's go through the above placements. If the partner purchases “logo placement”, that partner is likely to get a large amount of exposure. almost always uses the logo of a company as the image for it's stories. So a partner that has purchased space in the logo gets their logo associated with CYW on the front page of A partner that only purchases space on the “about page” will only be seen when someone views that page of the app. This obviously occurs much less than if their name was in the logo. If someone purchases naming rights, they would be guaranteed to have their name everywhere. Anytime the app is mentioned, so are they. This would be the most expensive asset.

What is the difference between selling Placements and selling the number of times a placement is seen? (00)

Now these are the advertising assets we have for ONE event (the app launch). These spaces are like real estate. However, we need to identify all of our real estate. A partnership for a future concert is real estate. A booth at such a concert is real estate. We can sell sponsorship rights to the launch party for MAT. Each event that occurs is a piece of real estate (because of the exposure at the event and press prior to the event). We can also package these items together. We can sell an annual sponsorship package that includes X, Y and Z. But we need to begin to recognize each event as real estate. As such we need to do what we can to maximize our real estate value and maintain CYW's goals.

The first step for CYW is to identify each potential piece of real estate and associate it with a number. This is the task of simply recording each place a sponsor can be mentioned or associated (without compromising our integrity). The next step is to find out what number can be put beside this placement. I will find out this week and next what press coverage we can get from different media outlets. In this way we will know what number of people will see each placement. Once we know this, we can sell that value to potential partners in our proposal.

Our tasks in the next week are two fold. CYW and MAT's brand image must be prepared for presentation. This will involve creating a brand mark that is capable of delivering the organization's image while also remaining neutral enough to visually partner with other logos.

The second goal is to quantify each of our advertising placement opportunities. We will create a portfolio of places where an advertiser can place their logo or brand message. At the same time we will contact press outlets to determine their interest in publishing CYW release news. Coupled with circulation or readership data we will have a number associated with each placement. This process will occur for the MAT launch. In the future more press events can be added (such as concerts, new releases, major events, etc.). But at this stage we will just be looking at the MAT launch.

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